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Respect, Love, Honesty and Sincerity - The true meaning of karate which the First Jamaica Zen-Do Kai Kan Karate Organization fosters in students. And with over 500 students actively training (and more on the roster) they are the largest and surely one of the most far reaching Martial Arts School on the island. First Zen-Do Kai Kan was founded in 1993 by eight dedicated Jamaican Martial Artists, with a combined experience of over 100 years, at the Edgewater Community Centre in Portmore which is now their main branch. Renshi Karl Tai-loy, who was recently promoted to 5th degree blackbelt is one of the founding members and chief instructor of the Edgewater Branch, the first sign of rapid development in the school began 3 months after it's inception.They had over 50 students and the numbers have been increasing rapidly since. Today, they operate throughout the island and abroad.
In Old Harbour by Sempai Francis Gregory, who has been training for over 18 years, believes in working to reach that gold, the sky is the limit for him and his students.
In Lynhurst Road , Sempai Patrick Chang, a 20 year veteran who specializes in preparing students for the tournament circuit, producing such students as his daughter and 4 time traditional kata champion Tsitsi Chang , has a keen eye for champions.
Sempai Christopher John Dennis who operates the Canadian branch, which is the first and only school outside of Jamaica, believes and tries to instill in his students that hard work pays off in the end. He and his students has dominated the Canadian Martial Arts circuit in both kata and sparring competitions.
Sempai Gillian Prendergast who, at 18, is one of our youngest instructors, operates out of the Portmore Missionary Prep. School. She has the ability to teach kids very well, which most Martial Arts instructors don't have the time or the patience to do.
They also host classes at Wolmers Prep and Kingsgate Prep schools, noting that it is better to train from an early age. Sensei Christopher Collman also teaches Zen-Do Kai Kan to security forces such as Hawkeye and Ranger. He has a knack for self-defense and fighting techniques and still remains one of the best Jamaican fighters of all time.
Zen-Do Kai Kan or 'the place for the way of peaceful people' is "the first Jamaican form of karate organisation", said Renshi Tai­loy. Since their inception, they have won an estimated amount of ten thousand trophies, the latest addition to their collection for this year was the International Tournament in Miami hosted by Taishi Vernon Jones and the Ningen Open Martial Arts tournament in Jamaica earlier on this year. Between both tournaments copped over 150 trophies .
Plans for this year includes hosting "The Spirit of The Warrior" Open Karate Tournament in October 2000 and sending a 30 man deligation to visit and conduct the first blackbelt grading for their Canadian counterparts. The school has over 48 blackbelts training, varying from 1st to 5th degree. Renshi Tai-loy with 24 years experience in Martial Arts started tarining in his adult years, starting his Martial Arts career at the West Indies Seido Karate School under Sensei Errol Lyn. In 1984 he migrated to the United States where he trained and upon his return opened a Portmore branch of Seido Karate for a year before starting First Jamaica Zen-Do Kai Kan Karate in 1993.
Renshi Tai-loy stressed constantly at the end of each class the importance of strengthening the mind and body, Renshi Tai is not only know as a karate instructor but a father figure and mentor to his students and people outside of the karate fraternity, he is also a community man, which you may see him turning up at many community events to give his support and is also a member of the community board where he shares his ideas of having a safer and more comfortable community. "Our Main objective is the building of character", said Renshi Tai-loy, and also "foster a harmonious relationship with everybody".
First Ja. Zen-Do Kai Kan Wolmer's Prep Branch
Instructors of Wolmer's Branch
From left: Clive, Sempai Andrea, Renshi Tai-loy,
Sempai Christopher (John) from
the Canadian Branch

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